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PopCap Games created and distributed Zuma’s Revenge, a tile-matching puzzle game. The sequel to Zuma is still popular.


courageous and watchful frog, you must return to a dreadful island where the gods and dark spirits have reborn Zuma in new ways. This problem will test your talents, and your foes will be more hazardous. Take them down and end this lunacy forever.


To destroy colored balls, control the frog and throw them in groups of three or more. Keep track of your balls to chain combos and score more. But destroy them before they finish or you’ll have to try again.

You can explore over 60 unusual levels and surroundings. This time, you’ll also play stages where you can jump between two lily pads and slide the frog on vertical or horizontal tracks instead of rotating.

You can accumulate strong power-ups and tweak the game mechanics. Using a three-way cannon, laser, bomb, or lightning bolt, you can momentarily halt or reverse the balls, or destroy all balls of a given hue.

Zuma’s Revenge has HD graphics, shape, color, and visual feedback. Additionally, the user interface is well-designed and easy to comprehend, and the OST features two themes that dynamically vary depending on the in-game scenario (a gentler tune without risk and a more frenetic one in peril).

Download Zuma’s Revenge! Latest Version Features key:

  • You play as a frog that spews colored balls at a torrent of other balls from an external source. When the balls hit the skull, you die. Before they burst, line up same-colored balls to score points. Rotation revolves around one axis.
  • Four game variants are in Zuma’s Revenge! The main mode, “Adventure,” pits a player against the enraged deity Zhaka Mu from level to level, with checkpoints every five levels and entertaining boss fights.
  • After completing this lengthy and difficult phase, “Heroic Frog” and “Iron Frog” additional modes unlock, making the main Adventure harder to replay.
  • In Challenge mode, you have three minutes to reach a point goal.
  • Zuma’s Revenge!’s bright graphics and catchy music may be played on any current PC. The game is optimized for Windows XP, 8, and 10.

Minimum System Requirements

  • Windows XP/Vista/7
  • 700 MHz Processor
  • 256 MB RAM
  • 250 MB Free Hard Drive Space
  • DirectX 8.1
  • DirectX-Compatible Sound/Video Card
  • 16 MB of Video Memory

Zumas-Revenge Zumas-Revenge Zumas-Revenge

Download Zuma’s Revenge How Do You Install It?

  • Use Winrar to extract the file. (Get Winrar here)
  • Open the “Z-Revenge” folder under “Zuma’s Revenge.”
  • Next, give the “ZumasRevengeAdventure” icon a double click.
  • After that, play directly without installation. (Without Installation)

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