Download World of Warships for Windows for free

Download World of Warships for Windows for free

The World of Warships game fleet features over 300 ships dating back to the First and Second World Wars. Put on your commander’s cap, find out which warship type suits you best, and amass your own navy. Take the helm of one of over 300 intricately modelled historical vessels and plunge into the ultimate action-strategy naval experience! Become a Commander and dive into global maritime history!

Start playing World of Warships and enjoy a special bonus:

  • St. Louis – American Tier III cruiser
  • Emden – German promo premium Tier II cruiser
  • Seven days of the premium account
  • 200 doubloons
  • 20X camouflage restless fire
  • 2,5 million credits

Choose the flag you want to sail under. In World of Warships, you can choose from the world’s leading naval forces. Study each nationality’s strengths and quirks, then weigh the gameplay possibilities. Use them in a battle to develop your tactics!


Destroyers and cruisers represent the naval powers of the Russian Empire and the U.S.S.R.. Most of these high-speed gunships have light armour and remarkable main battery guns. Excellent ballistics, speed, and fire accuracy are precious in naval battles, all about aggression and risk.

The Japanese fleet is the polar opposite of the U.S. Navy. These original ships rely on speed and powerful armament instead of thick armour. The destroyers and cruisers are the best options for those who like powerful long-range torpedoes. The battleships discourage their opponents with their main battery and range of fire. The aircraft carriers are well known for the number of air groups and offensive firepower.

Download World of Warships for Windows for freeOne of the leading maritime powers is represented in the game across four ship types. Versatility is a common attribute of all American ships. Ships of this nation are the best at facing airstrikes, as they have reliable armour and quick rates of fire. The balance between offence and defence allows them to adjust to any changes during a battle quickly.

Light British cruisers are unusual ships that combine the attributes of cruisers and destroyers. They are better for military cunning than for simple duels. These ships have very high rates of fire, long-range torpedoes, and, in skilful hands, can stay invisible till the end of a battle.

The main merits of German ships are their armour and penetrating efficiency. German battleships excel at taking a punch while rushing toward a necessary location. The cruisers and destroyers are famous for their armour-piercing shells and worthy torpedo armament. German ships are for those who like to act aggressively and fiercely.

Two types of ships battle under the French flag in World of Warships. Cruisers are known for their effective artillery, relatively high speed, and long-range torpedoes. Battleships are represented by classic dreadnoughts and modern ships, including those with quadruple main calibre turrets. The high-tier battleships also have long-range secondary armaments and Engine Boost.

Download World of Warships for Windows for free

You’ll find ships from Indonesia, the Republic of China, Thailand, and Korea in this branch. They are distinguished from others by the short reload time of the Smoke Generator and their powerful deepwater torpedoes with low detectability. These torpedoes are ineffective against destroyers but can hit deep-draught ships. The high-tier ships of this branch can mount Surveillance Radar instead of Smoke Generators.

Naval powers were not the only ones to participate in the wars at sea. The ships from AustraliaCanada, and New Zealand formed the Commonwealth of Nations Navy. In the game, Australian cruiser Perth and destroyer Vampire are present.

Two battleships and two cruisers represent Italy in the game. The cruisers have impressive speed and concealment, long-range torpedoes, and efficient artillery. It has battleships with relative speed, powerful artillery, and excellent ballistics. Besides this, the Italian ships have their own “temperament” and are pleasant to look at.

Sea battles occur in unique landscapes in different locations worldwide, from the shores of Latin America to northern waters and beyond. The game includes a few dozen maps, each requiring unique tactics.

There are always plenty of opportunities for heroic deeds and achievements at sea. Show your worth! For each battle, you can receive heroic awards and valuable in-game goods. Each battle will develop your service record. Start your naval career now!

Download World of Warships for Windows for free

How to Play

Create an Account: Visit the official website and create a new account. You must provide a valid email address and create a username and password.

Download and Install: Once you have created an account, download the game client from the official website and install it on your computer. The game is available for both Windows and macOS.

Choose a Server: Launch the game and select your preferred server. Several regional servers are available, and choosing the one closest to your location is recommended to minimize latency.

Select a Nation: It offers several nations’ navies to choose from, including the United States, Japan, Germany, the Soviet Union, and more. Each country has its unique ships with different strengths and playstyles. Consider researching the characteristics of each nation’s ships to find the one that suits your preferences.

Complete Tutorial: When you first start the game, you will be guided through a tutorial that introduces the basic controls and mechanics of World of Warships. Please pay attention to the tutorial, as it will help you understand the fundamentals of the game.

Navigate the Port: The port is the main interface to access your ships, modules, consumables, and other features. Spend time exploring the port and familiarizing yourself with the different menus and options.

Assemble Your Fleet: You can own and command multiple ships in the game. Start with lower-tier ships and gradually work up to higher-tier vessels as you gain experience and credits. Select a boat from your port and click “Battle” to join a battle with that ship.

Understand Ship Classes: There are four main ship classes in the game: aircraft carriers, battleships, cruisers, and destroyers. Each class has its unique characteristics and role in battle. Aircraft carriers command squadrons of aircraft, battleships are heavily armoured and carry powerful guns, cruisers are versatile and can fulfil various roles, and destroyers are fast and stealthy, specializing in torpedo attacks.

Learn Controls and Combat: Familiarize yourself with the game’s controls and combat mechanics. You must master aspects such as manoeuvring your ship, aiming and firing your guns, managing consumables, and using torpedoes or aircraft if you’re playing as a carrier. Practice makes perfect, so spend time honing your skills.

Teamwork and Strategy: World of Warships is a team-based game, and effective teamwork is crucial for success. Coordinate with your teammates, communicate important information, and work together to achieve victory. Understand the game’s strategic elements, such as capturing control points and defending key areas.

Progress and Upgrades: As you play battles and earn experience and credits, you can unlock upgrades for your ships, research new ships, and progress through the tech tree. Upgrade your ships to enhance their performance in battle and acquire new ships to diversify your fleet.

Participate in Events and Modes: It offers various events, campaigns, and game modes to keep the gameplay fresh and engaging. Participate in these events to earn unique rewards, test your skills, and experience different game modes.

Remember, World of Warships is a complex game with many intricacies, and it may take time to master its mechanics fully. Don’t be discouraged if you face challenges initially. Keep practising and learning from your experiences, and enjoy the immersive naval warfare experience that the game provides.

What’s new in Update 12.6? (2023)

The latest addition in Update 12.6 is a temporary battle type designed to test new mechanics for aircraft carriers.

Players will battle in a nine-vs.-9 format, featuring Tier VII–VIII cruisers, destroyers, battleships, and aircraft carriers. Both existing and new aircraft carriers will have the opportunity to participate. While battles without carriers may occur occasionally, players can still complete special combat missions and earn rewards.

They will experience unique abilities with Kikaku’s attack aircraft, utilizing the Smoke Curtain Generator to deploy smoke screens. Concord Bridge, on the other hand, can call in a special bomber airstrike to deploy Air-Dropped Sea Mines.

The Smoke Curtain Generator functions similarly to its ship counterpart, but in this case, the smoke screen is deployed from the air.

Players should prepare for the return of Warship Strike, inspired by a classic game, in Update 12.6! They will engage in thrilling one-on-one battles against AI opponents. To join, Strike Passes are required. A limited number of Strike Passes can be acquired through resource exchange, and for an unlimited amount, players can exchange Doubloons at a rate of 250 Doubloons per Pass.

Additionally, Early Access to Spanish cruisers will commence in Update 12.6, accompanied by an update to the Ocean Port for this special occasion.

Within the game’s settings, players will find eight tabs with various options: Display, Graphics, Audio, HUD, Mouse, Camera, Key Mapping, and Other. They can explore these tabs to customize their gameplay experience according to their preferences.

Download World of Warships for Windows for free


Q: What is World of Warships?
A: World of Warships is a free-to-play online naval warfare game developed and published by Wargaming. It features historically accurate warships from various nations, allowing players to engage in strategic battles on the high seas.

Q: How can I control my ship in World of Warships?
A: To control your ship in the game, use either the standard keyboard and mouse controls or connect a gamepad or joystick. The WASD keys control the ship’s movement while the mouse aims the guns. You can also adjust your ship’s speed, activate consumables, and give orders to your crew through the user interface.

Q: Are all the ships in World of Warships accurate
A: The ships in the game are based on actual naval vessels that existed during the 20th century and earlier. The game features various boats from different classes, including battleships, cruisers, destroyers, and aircraft carriers, all inspired by historical designs and configurations.

Q: How can I unlock new ships in World of Warships?
A: In the game, you progress through the game’s tech tree to unlock new ships. By earning experience points (XP) in battles, you can research and unlock upgrades, modules, and new ships. Additionally, the game offers premium ships that can be purchased with real or in-game currency.

Q: What game modes are available in World of Warships?
A: It offers several game modes to cater to different playstyles. The primary mode is Random Battles, where you can compete with other players in PvP battles. There are Co-op Battles, where you fight against AI-controlled opponents, and Scenario Battles, which involve cooperative missions against computer-controlled enemies. Additionally, the game periodically introduces limited-time events and ranked battles for more competitive gameplay.


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System Requirements – Can I Run World of Warships


  • CPU: Core2Duo 2.7 GHz, AMD Athlon II 3 GHz
  • CPU SPEED: Info
  • RAM: 2 GB
  • OS: Windows 7 x86
  • VIDEO CARD: NVidia GeForce 8800GT/9600GT, IntelHD 4000, NVIDIA GeForce 620M, AMD Radeon HD 4650
  • SOUND CARD: Compatible with DirectX 9.0c


  • CPU: Intel Core i5-3570, AMD six-core 3,5 GHz (AMD FX 6300)
  • CPU SPEED: Info
  • RAM: 4 GB
  • OS: Windows 7 x64 / 8 / 10
  • VIDEO CARD: NVidia GeForce GTX 550 Ti, GeForce GTX 560M, AMD Radeon R7 250
  • SOUND CARD: Compatible with DirectX 9.0c


  • Epic Naval Battles
  • Historical Accuracy
  • Diverse Ship Classes
  • Team-based Gameplay
  • Constant Updates


  • Steep Learning Curve
  • Matchmaking Imbalance
  • Grind for Higher Tiers
  • Limited Map Variety


Join a team and engage in battles against bots or real players. You can also invite your friends and create your invincible Division or join a clan to find like-minded captains. Team up and take advantage of all the in-game features! Join the navy and conquer the seas!

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